The TAG Heuer Monaco:A True Icon of Style and Innovation


In 1969, TAG Heuer released a mold-breaking timepiece, a watch that changed what we think a classic wristwatch should look like. The TAG Heuer Monaco delivers bold colors, a square case, and avant-garde design, becoming a true icon of its time in the process. Racing legends, Hollywood celebrities, fashion icons, all were drawn to this distinctive watch, becoming a favorite of the luxury class and its popularity continues to grow to this day.

You’re a luxury watch collector so you know that the best watches aren’t a simple accessory, but a living work of art that tells a story on top of the time. The TAG Heuer Monaco does this with aplomb. Originating in the golden age of motorsports, and developing a lasting legacy of innovation and style, the TAG Heuer Monaco is a watch demanding your attention and admiration.

For a watch that was released over 50 years ago, TAG Heuer continues to push boundaries of watch design and engineering with the special edition Monaco pieces it has released over the years. Whether it’s paying homage to the history and heritage of the Monaco, or recognizing some of its important sponsorships in racing and elsewhere, the Monaco continues to incorporate the latest in technology and cutting edge materials with a look that belongs in the cockpit or on the runway. It doesn’t matter if you’re a racing enthusiast, fashion connoisseur, or simply a person enjoying the finest things in life, a TAG Heuer Monaco is a watch you must have in your collection. You know there are many reasons to invest in a TAG Heuer Monaco limited edition, let’s look at some of these exclusive and highly sought after models that fit the collector and enthusiast alike.

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The TAG Heuer Monaco:A True Icon of Style and Innovation 22

TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf Edition

In 1968, the John Wyer Automotive team entered into a sponsorship deal with Gulf Racing. The color scheme is the iconic blue and orange and became synonymous with the Gulf Oil brand. The following year, TAG Heuer released the Monaco and when Gulf racing introduced the new Porsche 917, they partnered with TAG Heuer to create a special edition of the Monaco to celebrate the occasion. This partnership has produced a number of updated versions over the years with the most famous being the 2018 release to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Gulf Racing team. This is easily the most famous special edition Monaco with blue and orange stripes on a dark blue dial creating a bolder look on an already bold design.

TAG Heuer Monaco V4

In 2004 TAG Heuer released the Monaco V4, a major technical innovation in the watchmaking world. This model was the world’s first watch to utilize a belt driven transmission system to keep time and was designed to resemble a miniature engine. Everything about this special edition model references motorsports right down to the name, V4. In 2009 and 2010, TAG Heuer released a limited run of 150 of these watches and they sold out quickly becoming one of the most in demand Monaco editions ever. As an interesting little side note, TAG Heuer technicians playfully call some of the issues with the movement transmission issues.

TAG Heuer Monaco 50th Anniversary

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the TAG Heuer Monaco, 2019 saw the release of a five watch series, each representing one of the decades of the watches existence. These watches take design clues from the culture of the decade it represents. From the Cote de Geneve pattern on green dial for the 70s to the matte finish case and dial with subtle yet loud accents of the 2010s, there is a 50th anniversary to fit anyone’s taste. Each one is limited to 169 units total, and there were even 50 five watch sets released if you can’t make up your mind. Every model offers the colored dial with a contrasting sub-dial made famous by the original blue and silver Monaco Steve McQueen wore in the movie “LeMans”.

TAG Heuer x Bamford Monaco

LVMH, the parent company of TAG Heuer, named Bamford their official watch customizer. This culminated in this joint-effort Monaco in 2018. This watch was like nothing TAG Heuer had ever produced before. The key was to modernize the Monaco while keeping some of the tradition alive. Bamford utilized a carbon case and black dial while accenting it with “Aquablue” registers and accents. The case had the classic dimensions and original Calibre 11 so you knew it was a Monaco without having to look too hard. This modern and edgy design was loved by collectors.

TAG Heuer Monaco Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Edition

The GPMH edition of the Monaco was released in 2021. TAG Heuer commemorates the partnership with the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique in this stunning model. Only 1000 watches were released and TAG Heuer chose a bright crimson and white sunray dial inspired by the cars that take part in the race. Each watch and special edition box comes with the GPMH logo incorporated in the design. This timepiece is powered by the iconic Heuer 02 Calibre with an 80 hour power reserve.


The TAG Heuer Monaco is a masterpiece. The design and innovation present throughout the years have cemented its place in history. From the square case to cutting-edge technology, the TAG Heuer Monaco continues to capture the hearts and minds of luxury watch collectors worldwide. If you’re in the market for a luxury timepiece that has style in spades and still remains practical, the TAG Heuer Monaco should be an obvious choice.


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