The Timeless Tuxedo Collection: Minimalist Formal Wear for the Wrist


When a man needs to look his best for a formal occasion, he slips into a tuxedo. While over the years, some changes have been made to the classic tux, the overall design of tuxedos has remained largely the same through generations, giving the formal wear for men a truly timeless appeal. Now, the watch company Bianci Watches is attempting to create a new line of watches with a similar timeless style.

Founded in 2001, Bianci Watches is a California-based American watch company that specializes in bringing together Italian designs with Swiss movement timekeeping systems. The company was founded by Roberto Bianci, a certified gemologist and jeweler and is now in its second generation of ownership.

Like all Bianci Watches, the Timeless Tuxedo collection features watches made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel. The watches are handcrafted in the brand’s own workshop, and each one is put through a series of tests to ensure that it is truly flawless. Dressy enough to wear with a tux but also simple for everyday wear, the Timeless Tuxedo watches are versatile and intended to appeal to men of all generations.

In order to launch the Timeless Tuxedo Collection, Bianci Watches ran a Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, the brand was not able to reach their goal of $20,000. The campaign closed out with slightly under $7,000 generated. Bianci Watches has yet to announce whether they still plan to go forward with the Timeless Tuxedo Collection; however, the brand does sell a number of other designs at their official online website.

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