The Umbrella Etched X-Frame Seer Chronograph: A Watch From Tomorrow


In 2011, the Umbrella Watch Group launched online and began selling timepieces of their own make to consumers. The company already has a reputation for excellence and for creating ultra sleek, very unique watches. Now, they’re about to make history with a brand new watch–the Etched X-Frame Seer Chronograph.

The Etched X-Frame Seer Chronograph is a break from the minimalist designs that are so commonplace today. When designing this watch, the Umbrella Watch Group focused on maximalism–creating a timepiece that makes a big statement in an instant, and it’s clear from photos that they’ve succeeded.

A decagon-shaped bezel and faceted case make the Etched X-Frame Seer Chronograph stand out in a crowd. Unlike anything else on the market today, this case design is called the X-Frame.

The movement of the watch is as extraordinary as its design. The timepiece features a Mega-Quartz movement that blends together the sweeping hands and pushers of a mechanical watch with the accuracy of quartz movement, so you truly get the best of both worlds.

To introduce the Etched X-Frame Seer Chronograph to the market, The Umbrella Watch Group intends to launch a Kickstarter campaign in the near future. The campaign has an initial funding goal of $40,000 Canadian and will last for 30 days.


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