The UNDONE – Urban Tropical Collection


A relatively young company, UNDONE has already come quite a way toward embedding itself in the hearts of the watch community. The company creates beautiful watches that are suited for collectors of any taste and finds their timepieces in a variety of collections around the world. Building on their impeccable style of watches, they are creating the UNDONE line Urban Tropical Collection. These watches are made for those who love to collect novelty timepieces, and each comes with its very own tropical dial.

The tropical dial is warm brown in color and weathered, a state achieved only after prolonged exposure to the sun’s natural UV rays. This first such watches came about in the 1950s, when a manufacturing plant for Rolex learned this would happen when dials were left in tropical climates and undergo oxidation. This makes them quite the rare style and they are coveted by watch lovers around the world. Each one of these dials is aged to perfection using a formula specific to UNDONE in order to give them a one of a kind look.

The watches come in Tropical Sahara, Tropical Caribbean and Tropical Amazon styles. In each one is a tachymeter that allows you to measure the speed you are traveling by using the wrist watch; however, you can choose to simply have a standard stepped bezel instead of the tachymeter. The Seiko VK64 mechanical quartz hybrid movement pays homage to classic styles of hands to further its vintage nature. Learn more about these unique timepieces on the UNDONE website.

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