The Undone Urban Vintage Chronograph


Finding a new timepiece for your collection can seem tricky, as it may seem as if you already own all there is to own. This is because it seems that many watchmakers tend to make watches that are similar to others on the market, so much so that it may feel as if you have them all. The Undone Urban Vintage Chronograph aims to change that. This watch is a fully customizable watch that allows you to take control of what your next vintage watch might look like.

The Undone Urban Vintage Chronograph is available in a number of different case colors for you to pick out. All of these cases are crafted out of durable stainless steel that has been polished and brushed on the sides. The colors include everything from yellow gold to black. The vintage dials range from white on white dials to black on black subdials; and from white dials with black subdials to black dials with white subdials. Choose both the shape and the color of the hands. You can pick three different shapes and nine unique colors. The movement that is featured in the Undone Urban Vintage Chronograph is a VK61A MechaQuartz “Hybrid” movement, a reliable movement that offers both clockwise and anti-clockwise winding abilities. The strap you pick is available in a number of different types and in 12 different colors, including everything from perlon to alligator print leather.

Undone Urban Vintage Chronographs are being here at WatchBandit as we are proud to be an authorized reailer. Depending on what you choose, you should expect to pay around 269€ for your watch.

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