TiqToq – Curated Out Of Love For Independent Watch Brands


Designed for those that love watches just as much as the creators of the site, TiqToq is a comprehensive guide to all of the latest and greatest timepieces from the independent watch brands as well as the classics that never quite went out of style. On TiqToq, you will be able to find all of the information you need on the most up and coming watches, allowing you to keep up with the trends of independent watch brands. Born out of a genuine enthusiasm for watches, TiqToq is your number one site for all things around timepieces driven by the love of sharing knowledge around of independent watch brands.

TiqToq focuses on independent watch brands over everything else, valuing those brands that are small, innovative and modern. TiqToq feels a sense of pride representing these independent watch brands who dares to be different by displaying incredible amounts of courage and determination in bringing their unique visions to life, hoping to reshape the form of the modern watch industry. This love for the industry is what inspired the creation of TiqToq, and it has since flourished through its community of watch lovers and enthusiasts who all share the love of independent watch brands.

TiqToq is a platform that curates watches that are not available in your typical watch marketplace, helping to bring you access to watches from of independent watch brands that you might not otherwise know about. Get to know the watches that are being created out of a love of design and not a love of money over on TiqToq.

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