To sell or not to sell used watches…

1695370070 To sell or not to sell used watches…

It is not easy to decide to sell off your used watches especially when they hold mawkish value or are manufactured by a luxury watchmaker. However, we will take a look at some of the drive individuals have when they offer their used watches for sale and also how to go about the sale if you’re ready.

  1. The wristwatch is collecting dust: There is technically no use in keeping a timepiece you are not wearing. It will be of more benefit to have the cash with you for other things than holding on to it.
  2. Its value has stopped climbing: Most times, the reason most people buy luxury timepieces is because of their investment value. Though their value usually increase, not all do. If the value of your timepiece does not increase for some time, then there is a possibility that there won’t be further increased so, it would be wise to sell it and invest the money in something that will grow.
  3. It’s time to upgrade: As most people are targeting a huge collection with pieces suited for each occasion, it will interest you to know that many start with just one “starter watch” and they grow their collection. When you want to upgrade to a newer model or a more quality one, getting the model you want becomes easier when you trade your old one.
  4. The wristwatch is not suited to one’s lifestyle: Certain wristwatches are made for certain lifestyles, example of which is the Rolex Submariner which is crafted to suit an active lifestyle such as diving. It is best to sell your wristwatch if you cannot wear it when you need it most.
  5. The wristwatch is not suited to one’s personal style: Generally, wristwatches of high quality are usually transferred from one generation to another just because they designed to be durable and their styles are classic. Nonetheless, it does not imply that tastes of all generations are same. It is possible that a father may like Patek Philippe while his son may prefer Omega or Rolex.
To sell or not to sell used watches…

Pre-sale preparation

The process in which experts that deal frequently with the sale of used wristwatches collect new wristwatches is really hard. So, it will be wise to go through these steps before you sell your timepiece if you want to get a good price for it.

  1. Talk to a friends and family to see if the timepiece has a unique history. Talking to people about the piece can expose you to stories you’ve not heard, though most family treasures have one. So, if eventually the piece has a unique story like it was worn by a famous personality and you have evidence to back it up, niche collectors would pay more for it.
  2. Perform authenticity checks. It is sad that the current market is filled with “Franken-watches” in addition to fake pieces and it would be a big blow to take these pieces to a reputable company with the hope of getting a handsome sum and then be told there that they are not authentic. Due to this, it is advisable to carry out a research on the exact piece including the model and year to ascertain the authenticity.
  3. Gather the box and all documentation. In time past, people treat luxury timepiece same way as another accessory. Gentlemen most especially may wear the timepiece immediately in a bid to showcase their new luxury. Some new buyers in today’s market also throw all the packaging into thrash right before they leave the store. However, collectors always keep the box and all papers including service document and warranty card together with the wristwatch. We are not saying you cannot sell your wristwatch without the box and papers but it might be at a lesser price. Also, having the papers and box is not authentication for the wristwatch as those who deal with used timepieces authenticate the timepieces and the papers individually.
1695370069 229 To sell or not to sell used watches…

Options when selling a vintage timepiece

Used timepieces can be sold at many venues with each having its own advantages and disadvantages.

Person-to-person: It is fast and easy when you sell directly to someone who has interest in your wristwatch or has connections with other collectors. On the other hand, if the watch stops working or is found to be of a lesser value after the purchase there may be problem.

Auction houses: Traditional auction houses are suitable venues to sell quality items with rich history. However, selling there requires lots of fees and also if the piece does not get a good bid, it will result in a loss.

Online auctions: This option is not suitable for luxury timepieces that are authentic because prices are on the decline as a result of the high number of counterfeit pieces in the market. So what happens is that, buyers go for the counterfeit pieces with cheaper prices all in the name of getting a better deal. However, collectors and swappers with sharp eyes still observe the sites and take action only when their piece is undervalued.

Online resellers: Consignment and outright purchase are the two ways to use online retailers to sell used watches. Both options are good but it’s really worth factoring in the sense that payment comes after you’ve mailed them your watch. However, it is possible to make less than you imagine as any amount stated before the reseller’s examination of the watch is just an estimate or even have problems with shipment not getting to the reseller or the reseller not making payment as at when due.

In-person retailers: Your best option is the used luxury watch sellers from brick and mortar, where you can actually meet one on one. The authenticity and quality of your piece is checked then and there as you are dealing directly with an expert and the price arrived at is the exact value. In addition, the payment is done immediately.


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