Top 3 Omega Watches To invest in 2019

1695337874 Top 3 Omega Watches To invest in 2019

I always have friends asked me, which Omega watches should they invest. My answer is every single time the same, buy a watch you will enjoy the most. Nobody has a crystal ball if certain watches will increase in value, however when you look at some data, you might be able to guess correctly.

Let’s share the three Omega watches to invest in 2019

I chose these specific watches that are going to swing more upwards rather than downwards. Why would I say that? The demand for all of them is still high, and there is not enough supply to satisfied the market demand.

When you have a limited amount of watches available, without getting more watches to the market, you get supply and demand situation. I do explain why I feel each watch will increase value, but keep in mind; these are my speculation only.

Top 3 Omega Watches To invest in 2019

The Omega Speedmaster HODINKEE 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

Due to its limited number which is only 500 I feel this watch will take off soon. You can see prices way above the MSRP which was $6,500, however; I have seen some close to MSRP for an LNIB (like new in the box) watch. That would fall in the category.

Because of the story which you can read at HODINKEE site I feel this watch will be trading only up. HODINKEE is a robust online platform where people can learn more about various watches, and they are getting only more followers which would make the watch even more desirable in the future.

The way the watch feels on the wrist with nato or the calf strap is very comfortable. The dial makes it very easy to read the time, and the Chrono function is excellent.

The winding seems super smooth which is the first time I have experienced this seamless winding. It’s probably the 1861 movement which is excellent. The complication of the watch is not as superb as they are on the Omega Speedmaster MK40 which was the reason behind making this watch.

The watch dial makes the watch very noticeable on your wrist. You will get many compliments from people which is nice, I am not going to lie

Model: Speedmaster HODINKEE 10th Anniversary Limited Edition
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph
Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 39.7mm diameter; 14.37mm thickness
Sapphire Crystal: Yes, scratch resistant
Caseback: Closed
Dial: Dark blue/grey
Lume: SuperLuminova numerals and handset
Caliber: Omega 1861
Power Reserve: Approx. 48 hours
Water Resistance: 50 meters
Strap: Omega blue/grey leather strap and grey NATO strap
Lug Width: 19mm
Manufactured: Switzerland


The second Omega watch to invest in is the Omega Spectre. This watch is fantastic just because of the super simple design as well as a relatively long time in the movie “Spectre.” It was James Bond secret weapon, and now it can be yours. Only 7,007 timepieces were available for sale in 2015.

After owning several James Bond watches including the Skyfall, this one felt the most comfortable on my wrist. The original set comes with the NATO strap which is my favorite and stainless steel bracelet. That bracelet is the most comfortable one I have experienced. The exhibition box is enormous and comes with cleaning cloth, strap changing tool, magnifying glass, limited edition booklet.

The watch has a great co-axial movement which is part of the Seamaster 300. The lollypop makes the second hand very unique and not many watches at this time to have this kind of second hand. When you look on the dial, it makes it very easy to read the time and the size of 41mm makes it a very comfortable watch to wear on the NATO or Stainless Steel bracelet.

The MSRP was $7,500, and the watch is trading around $9,000 which makes it an excellent time to jump on and get it before the prices are much higher in a new future.

There are rumors that the new James Bond watch will be another Seamaster Professional 300, but who knows. Just make sure you will get the full set. There are many replicas available online. If you get the complete set, you minimize the chances of getting screwed.

Model: Omega Seamster 300 Co-Axial “Spectre” James Bond Limited Edition
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds
Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 41mms
Sapphire Crystal: Domed, scratch‑resistant sapphire crystal with anti‑reflective treatment inside
Caseback: Open
Dial: Black
Caliber: Omega 8400
Power Reserve: Approx. 60 hours
Water Resistance: 30 bar (300 metres / 1000 feet)
Strap & Bracelet: NATO strap & Stainless Steel bracelet
Lug Width: 21mm
Manufactured: Switzerland

1695337873 783 Top 3 Omega Watches To invest in 2019

Omega Speedy Tuesday Ultraman

Omega Speedmaster Ultraman is very hot watch. The orange hand makes this watch very unique which was initially made in 1967. Ultraman was super popular in Japan.

There are only 2012 of them made and make it a wanted watch all around. Many people in Japan love the Ultraman show but were not able to get the watch, which makes the watch “wanted” among many people in Japan and other parts of the world.

The watch set is unique as well as the dial. The orange colors with the black and grey match perfectly. With the special UV light which is part of the full set, you will be able to discover the silhouette of Ultraman’s profile.

The MSRP of the watch was $7,100 and it sold out in 2hrs. The price now is all around, but if you are lucky, you could get one close to $8,000.

Model: Omega Speedmaster Ultraman
Ref: 311.
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph
Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 42 mm,
Sapphire Crystal: Yes
Caseback: Closed
Dial: Grey
Caliber: Omega 1861
Movement: Manual winding
Power Reserve: 48h
Water Resistance: 5 ATM (50 meters/ 165ft)
Strap & Bracelet: Textile
Manufactured: Switzerland

All these watches, I have experienced in person and watched the market closely. Are all three the Omega Watches To invest in 2019? It’s possible. If it’s the Spectre, Ultraman or HODINKEE keep in mind that you want to enjoy the watch as well and not only hold it in your safety deposit. It is just my opinion and not guarantee that the watches will increase in value. The key is to buy the watch because you like it because the watch might not become the watch to invest in and you get “stuck” with a unique timepiece, Hower, if you made an excellent investment great for you.

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