Ultimate Guide- How to Sell Watches Online in 14 days


You might wonder how it’s possible that a regular person can sell watches online for the most money in such a short period. This ultimate guide will help you sell your watch online in 30 days. How do I know? I used it every single time.

What is my watch worth?

Many people who are trying to sell their watch are unable to determine what is their watch worth as of today. Here are places where you can look to see what is your watch selling for.

Ultimate Guide How to Sell Watches Online in 14 days


When you get to eBay, search for your watch what is it listed for as well as what it sold for. That will you an idea, how much are people willing to pay for your watch.

Let’s look at an example. We searched for Rolex 116610ln and got 108 results. The first price seems to be too good to be accurate as you will see what the watch sold for.

Here you can see what the watch sold for. The green price which is crossed means that the best offer was accepted. You can assume that the price was somewhere between $9,500-$10,500 for an Unworn Rolex 116610LN

You can also look at other places to see for how much are people are listing watches for. There watchrecon.com and mywatchmart.com I like to use. We will search for the Rolex 116610LN as well to keep it consistent.

As you can see the listing price is still around $9,500 as well.

The last but not least option is to submit a form on Value Your Watch, and we get you the market value of your watch in 24hrs.

Take great pictures

A picture is worth of thousand words is true especially when it comes to luxury timepieces. You want to show the condition of the watch precisely. See the images below where you can see the various angles of the observation. Due to the nature of not being able to let your customer hold the watch, they count on the pictures to tell if the watch is in great shape or not.

The best place to take pictures is to be in natural sunlight or use a lightbox which allows you to take amazing photos as well. The light box can be purchased on amazon.com around $20

Description of the listings

When you write a description of the watch, you should be very transparent. When selling watches online you do not want to sell a timepiece where you do not describe the condition accurately. Quite often I see watches described as really good and when I receive the watch, it has many scratches, missing the original box or have the papers which are not signed, but people do not disclose that. Make sure you are not that guy or gal.

Here are some watch terms for the condition of the watch.

Mint = LNIB (like new in the box) = looks like new = Amazing
Near Mint = Looks almost like new = little signs of wear or scratches
Good= Sings of wear= Needs polish
Fair= significant signs of wear=dents, chip crystal, etc.

When you describe the watch itself, you should be able to share with the potential buyer as much information as you can. Have a look at the example below.

You want to describe the watch accurately. When you sell the watch, and someone pays you, you do not want to have to deal with return due to a not accurate description

Where to list watches for sale

There are many options where you can list your watches for sale online. Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to understand the pros and cons of each to make sure that you are doing the most efficient way. Some of the sites have requirements before you can post the watch for sale. It can be a fee, minimum post counts or being a member for a particular time.

Here is the list one of the most popular sites to list your watches online for sale.

eBay, Value Your Watch, Chrono24, StockX, Facebook Marketplace / Watch groups, Rolex Forum, Omega Forum, Watchuseek.

Did the watch sell yet?

When your watch is for sale online for a while, no interested buyers contacted you while your asking price is very competitive, what should you do? Take new pictures, update the listings and try to find the right audience for your watch. You can list the watch in places you did not list before. That way, your watch will be exposed to new potential buyers.

Where can I learn all this?

If you are still not sure about the process, you can always join the watch trading academy where I have learned all these steps which made me a better watch trader.


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