Used watches you should never buy


If you like to save money, you should be careful about what type of watches you are going to buy. There are luxury watches which do keep its value but also watches which do not keeps its value, and you can say bye to your hard earned money.

Some watches might be more comfortable on your wrist, but in the end, it is up to you want kind of watch you want to wear.

The key is to be educated on the watches which do keep some of its value, are comfortable to wear and potentially increase. You do not want to buy a watch which is not worth so much money, even if you like the way the watch looks.

Would you instead buy a watch which you can resell for a potential gain or a small loss? Or you would buy a watch you like, but you just threw money away? Some people might disagree which is fine because each of us is entitled to their opinion; however, I do not like to lose money by buying watches which are not worth much.

Uncomfortable watches to wear

I am not going to lie, I bought Graham watch, which I like a lot just before I put it on my wrist. The colorful dial is very unique as well as the strap, which looks like a tire design. The issue was that the rubber strap was pulling my hair so badly, I was not able to wear it. It might be suitable for people who do not have hairy arms, but that was not my case.

When you are picking the watch which you might know that it is uncomfortable to wear, make sure you can get a more comfortable strap or bracelet. Sometimes, the straps or bracelets might be comfortable, but the case of the watch itself might not because of the thickness.

It is wise to ask around people if they experienced the watch you are looking to buy. That way, you will get real experience from people who actually have or had the watch.

Too Large or Too Small watch case

If you are like most people, the most popular watch case size is anywhere between 39mm-44mm. Just imagine you have a tiny wrist size and you are wearing 56mm watch. If you are looking to gain some attention from people around you, it would be a great choice. Honestly, the super large watches might be a perfect fit just for you, however, if you are ever want to resell the watch on a marketplace, you will have a challenging time to do it.

Not sure if you remember, but the trend used to be a smaller size watches. Patek Phillipe or Rolex had many watches around the 32mm-36mm case size. These days, these are not as popular and much harder to resell because the demographist who enjoys watches likes to get watches closer to 42mm.

Fake or Counterfeit

If you are not aware, it is illegal to sell counterfeit watches. When you purchase fake or counterfeit watches, you do support people who are doing an illegal activity. I get it, you want to save money; however, it does hurt the industry, and by buying fake watches, you are adding more fuel to the illegal market. Please stop buying counterfeit watches. If you save money and buy the real deal, you will have an asset on your writs which will last a lifetime with some maintenance.

Micro watch brands

If you are planning to buy a pre-owned micro brand watch, the chance that the watch does not have a resell value might be significant. That’s why they are micro brands. Certain people do enjoy small Micro brand watches, and they are proud owners of them. Nothing wrong to own them, however, if you are looking to sell some of them, you might not be successful in getting some money in return. Personally, I do like some of their design; however, I like to owe watches which do keep a better value for a resell.

Only buy watches with warranty

In the USA, we have the pleasure to have so many great watchmakers who can service your watch. The need to buy a watch which is under warranty or just serviced is not necessary. If you are looking for a Quartz watch, to change a battery is very simple compared to fixing a manual or automatic movement which takes a bit longer. From personal experience to service your watch takes less than a week from a reputable watchmaker, and you should not have to service the watch for many years to come.

Only buy watches with box and papers

Have you ever misplaced watch boxes in your lifetime? I bet you did, which is true for some of us. When you are buying pre-owned watches, you should not be focusing only on the full set which comes with the warranty paperwork and all the boxes. Recently, I got several Rolex watches, which did not have box or papers. When you are buying “naked” watches, it is essential to know the seller’s reputation. Just buy from the reputable seller because if something does not work out, they will make things right.

In the end, you made money, and you go spend it the way you want. I am just talking from a personal experience how I deal with pre-owned watches.

This watch blog post was written by Honza Hroch the founder of Value Your Watch marketplace.


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