UTS Watches: A German Case with a Swiss Heart


As a diver, you are well aware that not every single watch on the market today can withstand the overwhelming pressure of the deep. Choosing a watch carefully has become second nature to you. If you love to dive, look no further than UTS Watches. Where ordinary timepieces might crack under pressure when it matters most, UTS Watches will always persevere. Do not let your favorite hobby or professional activity stop you from wearing an incredibly stylish watch. Dive in with UTS Watches.

No matter how deeply you like to go into that great and vast sea, UTS Watches has you covered. Created in Germany, these timepieces are durable and can hold up against incredible water pressure. 1,000 meters, 2,000 meters, and even a whopping 4,000-meter watch are available to you. 100% handmade, all of these watches are crafted from a solid block of the highest quality, surgical grade, German stainless steel right in their workshop. It is the inner workings of this watch that really set it apart, however. Swiss movements, sapphire crystals and their signature lugs and hex screws intersect beautifully to create an efficient and luxurious diving watch.

These watches contain a tolerance level of a few thousandths of a millimeter and are hand assembled and personally tested by Nicolaus Spinner, a mechnical engineer.

Indulge the marine enthusiast in you when you choose a handsome watch from UTS Watches. To gather some more information about the multiple watches they offer, including mechanical watches and Chronographs, visit their informative website.

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