Valachio Avantiam Watches: Where Modern Meets Timelessness


Valachio is a brand determined to get their blend of classic and modern work out there into the market. Never before have you seen a watchmaking brand in the industry show such resilience, and their dedication has prompted them to launch a second, much more successful Kickstarter campaign. With a modernistic approach to a classic timepiece style, the name Avantiam, bred from the term avant-garde, truly is a work of innovation and persistence.

Valachio aims to create a timepiece that blends classic design elements with the world of modern living. They use the finest materials available while keeping the price of the watch to a modest average of $500 dollars. These watches are perfect for the novice watch collector who has never owned an automatic piece due to their pricing. The open-heart Japanese movement and the exhibition case back give you all of the benefits of an automatic watch without breaking the bank.

Aside from the Miyota 90S5 Japanese movement, the dial features a double-domed sapphire crystal with an exposed rotor that moves as you do. What makes this watch unique as well are the circles halfway between each numbered marker for more accurate reading. For the strap, there is a choice between casual suede and more formal crocodile-patterned calfskin.

On this run, they are creating only a maximum of 500 watches to keep them exclusive. Valachio is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for these exclusive timepieces, and for a backing of only $380, you get a watch valued at $530. At the time of writing, this campaign has reached $14,296 of its $18,828 goal with 16 days left to go. For more information, see their Kickstarter page.


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