Vintage Tropic Style Rubber Watch Straps


Designed to mimic the retro style of Tropic rubber watches of the 1960s, the Vintage Tropic Style rubber watch straps are here to add vintage flair to your watch collection. Able to pair seamlessly with traditional style timepieces or add a unique contrast to your modern watches, these watch straps are every bit as versatile and diverse as they are colorful. No matter what sort of watch you own, you can find the right color to suit you from options like olive green, bright orange, classic brown, fresh white, handsome black, navy blue and versatile grey.

No matter what color you’re hoping to get, you can wear them for any occasion

Wear them while exploring nature thanks to their 100 percent waterproof nature that will outlast any rain or snow. Conversely, you can enjoy them at indoor events, adding a uniquely textured accessory to your look. The rubber of these straps is soft and comfortable, promising you a cozy wearing experience even when the weather is wet. The Vintage Tropic rubber watch straps measure 21 centimeters in length and feature a durable metallic buckle to secure them snugly against the wrist.

At WatchBandit, we are proud to offer you an assortment of Vintage Tropic rubber watch straps for you to browse through. Each one of these watch straps can easily fit into your collection and spice up your arrangement of style options. They can be delivered to almost anywhere in the world, and orders that amass over 99 euro can enjoy totally free shipping.

The Vintage Tropic Style Rubber Watch Straps Collection

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