Vollmer Strives To Create Straps That Truly Stands Out, Both In Design And In Sheer Durability


Within the watchmaking world, many people put emphasis on the watch and not the strap. The focus is put on the details of the watch, the movement, the case, with very little attention given to the watch strap during manufacturing. The watch strap and its composition is every bit as important as the watch itself, and Vollmer knows that, striving to ensure they are not overlooked. Not every company puts focus on watch straps quite like Vollmer. Vollmer is a classic German company that has been around for years and strives to create watch bands that truly stand out, both in design and in sheer durability.

The Vollmer watch straps are specially made by way of 85 intricate steps to ensure that the straps are perfect. The raw material that is used is transformed by a team of goldsmiths, toolmakers, metal workers, production engineers, and polishers to ensure that each one comes out right. Watch straps made by Vollmer are made using 30 percent stainless steel, 20 percent titanium and finally 20 percent silver. All of the rest of the materials used are non-precious, including rust-resistant brass and high-quality German silver. The quality standards of

Vollmer is unmatched as well, ensuring that all of the materials used in the production of their watch straps are top of the line. A high-quality metal or metal mesh watch can be recognized by its stable, consistent mesh and its exclusion of sharp metals, and that is exactly what you will find with Vollmer.

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