Von Doren – Watches Inspired by Norwegian culture and Architecture


Please introduce yourself and your team
I am Øyvind Von Doren Asbjørnsen a Norwegian filmmaker, I used to draw and paint a lot and even made some sculptors. Now with the help of Liss Ann, our designer we have designed the Von Doren Timepieces collection together. Me drawing and she working as Illustrator with Photoshop and CADCAM.

How did you personally get into watches?
Ever since I received my great grandfather’s Swiss watch at the age of 12, I have been fascinated by watches and I’m an avid watch collector. I am fascinated by the precision, complexity and sheer beauty of fine watches, so now my experience as a filmmaker has helped me pursue my lifelong dream – to set up a watch-making business. After travelling to Switzerland, Italy and Hong Kong finding suppliers, I started designing the watches. The first ones were launched on Kickstarter in early December.


What lead you to starting your own watch company?
This was a lifelong dream for me and after our Film «MAGNUS» about World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen was been sold to over 60 countries and premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in April i finally could put all the money I made on that film into building the Von Doren watches. I just hope we made enough so I can work with this full time for many years ahead.

What makes a great watch in your eyes?
I like the classic – no nonsense watches, It has to be beautiful and different then all the thousands of watches on the market today and off course be made with premium components and it has to « feel right» on your wrist.


Where do you take inspiration from?
Our logo is inspired by the Viking rune sign “Jera”, meaning year. It is the rune of success and continuity. It symbolizes the cycle of the seasons and implies movement and change, and was a good luck charm for the Vikings. We thought it would make a fitting symbol for our timepiece. The watch’s clean lines and art nouveau-styled dial, which give it an elegant vintage flair, are inspired by the architecture and natural beauty of Aalesund on the West Coast of Norway, where I grew up. One of the worlds most concentrated Art Nouveau cities. We have a great brand, a great story, a good design and a watch with a quality Swiss movement. Our aim is for it to be seen as a true heirloom that people will be proud to own.


What distinguishes your watches?
Clean lines and Art Nouveau inspired design + that right «feel» that comes from high quality components. As a bonus the watch is presented in a beautiful piano lacquered wooden box.

What materials, movements are you using and why?
We use 316L stainless steel, and Italian leather + a very special Double Domed Sapphire crystal glass. Ronda Powertech 5 series movement on our first collection, it is reliable and accurate.


How would you describe your customers?
Our customers are fascinated by quality and timeless elegance and like to wear something not everybody else have.

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