Votum Around The World


The Votum around the World is a campaign that seeks to bring a passion for watches to people across the globe. With these traveling Votum Swiss Made mechanical watches, those involved will get a traveling experience that is second to none as nothing like this has ever been done–or even considered. Four unique Votum watches will be prepared to make their voyage around the world on a journey of their own, one that will be documented by those entrusted with the watches. This documentation will be shared on social media platforms for all to enjoy.

The idea of this campaign is to bring an emotional bond between the voyaging watches and those who are currently consigning them. Through this campaign, wearers can develop a connection with other watch enthusiasts who have grown attached to the same time piece. Each of the watches will be given to a trustworthy person to wear and enjoy for one-week minimum, but not more than three weeks, before the wearer will pass it on.

After getting the watch, the temporary owner will look at the Votum booklet included and use that watch accordingly. The trustee is encouraged to take the watch on a journey and document its travels through media content. In the watch travel book, they are encouraged to share the events that took place while wearing the watch. Those who provide the most enthusiastic response to this campaign by its end with the best media content uploaded will receive one of the eight Votum watches as a reward. To learn more information, you can visit their site here:

Votum Watches

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