Votum Watches: A Revivalist’s Dream Come True


Votum is a watchmaking company that believes in the revival of glorious watches from days gone by. While other companies may be content to leave well enough alone and consistently look for the next big trend, Votum knows that a classic design with contemporary stylings affords the best watches.

The first Votum watch was created by two men, graphic designer, Rolf Bodmer, and award winning watchmaker, François Zahnd, who were inspired on a trip to an industry event where they met. They wanted to revive an old watch brand they learned about at the event, one that came from an expert in the city of Biel where watchmaking flourishes, rich with skill, knowledge and experience. Given abundant knowledge on the original watch brand and their exemplary know-how, they were able to create Votum. Since focusing on reviving that Biel-based watch, they fell in love with the city itself and even named one of the watches “Heritage” based on it.

The dials of their watches come without frills and are simplistic and beautiful because of it. The second counter is separated into a circle of its own for a unique effect. Each watch face, case backing and even the minute hands are crafted from high quality materials that make this watch a stunning feat of elegance and durability. The straps are available in leather and steel, giving you diverse options depending on the occasion for which you are wearing it.

Votum is hoping to bring this watch to life through the help of crowdfunding on Kickstarter. At the time of writing, the campaign has reached $12,357 of its $30,928 goal with 14 days left to go. A pledge for 435 Fr or more gets you one Heritage watch with a leather strap. For more information, see their Kickstarter page.


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