Watch Styles You Should Know About!


If you never bought a luxury watch, you might wonder which watch would fit your style. There are several watch styles which I am going to share with you. Before I share all the different styles, you need to think about your self. What are the activities you enjoy to spend time on? 

Do you like to go hiking, play tennis, swimming, traveling around the world, have dinner at a fancy restaurant or go party with your friends? There are universal watches you would be able to use for almost any occasion; however, some watches are made explicitly for specific activities.

Watch Style

Sport Watches

Sports watches could be called universal watches but In general, sports watches, are built to withstand harsh condition and the time should be easily legible. One of the reasons why this type of watches are so popular is usability. Many sports watches can be used as daily watches. Just look on Rolex watches, which are used daily among many people. That’s why the demand for sports watches, especially from Rolex is very high.

Rolex Submariner

Watch Styles You Should Know About
Watch Styles You Should Know About! 64

If you are looking to get a Rolex watch, this might be the first watch which comes to mind. The Rolex Submariner date is one of the most wanted luxury watches. The watch is very durable, has a comfortable bracelet, and the watch looks excellent during sports activities or while enjoying a date night with your partner. 

Omega Seamaster AquaTerra GMT

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Watch Styles You Should Know About! 65

This watch is a great travel watch, and you can get this watch in two different variations. One comes on the strap and the second one comes on the bracelet. Both options are a great choice to take this watch to travel. Also, the exhibition case back reveals the incredible watch movement.

Breitling Superocean

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Watch Styles You Should Know About! 66

If you are looking to get a great watch which has excellent functionality and look beautiful, you should look up the Breitling Superocean. These watches have a significant following, and many people like these watches.

Dress Watches

There are many great dress watches, but in general, these watches are very simple and most elegant among all watches on the market. Think of it as a simple watch, which looks impressive without any screaming design. 

In general, dress watches are made of precious metals such as yellow or white gold combined with a two-tone bracelet or some nice straps. To be able to enjoy the dress watches, they are designed to be very slim to slide right under the shirt cuff or other business like etire.

Cartier watches

cartier watches
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There are several Cartier watches, which are part of the dress watches. These watches have fantastic dials which are easy to read. Many Cartier watches come with straps as well as bracelet. Their quick-change system makes it super easy to exchange the strap. If you are looking to get a watch, which is wildly recognizable, do not look any further. Cartier watches are the once, which brings a log of attention but are very classy.

Patek Philippe Calatrava

Watch Styles You Should Know About
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If you would like to get a watch with some history, look up the Patek Philippe Calatrava. This watch specifically, is well known for dress watch due ti is a super slim case size. To be honest, I am still looking to get one to experience this watch. They make them in stainless steel or white or yellow gold with a fantastic leather combination. The watch is amazing. 

Statement Watches

Do you think people who wear a statement watches want to show how wealthy they are or they are just smart and leverage the money to enjoy appreciating asset? In any case, they are enjoying luxury watches which costs more than some peoples cars.

Why would you like to buy statement watches? If you understand luxury watches, you might realize that it’s an excellent wealth transfer vehicle where you can park your money and when you get bored of that watch, you can get your money back. Depending on the economy, you can gain, loose, or break even. That’s why you should ask reputable watch sellers for their opinion before you buy your first statement watch.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

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Watch Styles You Should Know About! 69

This watch is one of the hardest watches to get from an Authorized dealer. The watch is so popular that the price on the secondary market is much higher. That’s one of the watches which shows people, I got money, and I know it.

Audemars Piquet 15400ST Blue Dial

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Pic. Credit:A.Z Watch Collection

This watch is amazing. The blue dial and the simple design makes this watch very desirable. Yes, this watch could be part of another category, however, when you show this watch to your watch friends, they know how hard its to get this watch. Plus the blue dial is much more desirable than the other dials. 

Which watch style you choose? Did you find the inspiration to get the right watch to be part of your daily life? I hope so!

The blog post was written by Honza Hroch, the founder of Value Your Watch Marketplace

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