WatchCharts The Best Place to Find Watches For Sale


WatchCharts is a fantastic platform that gathers information on all the watches on sale from various platforms. The platform was created in 2019, as there was a lack of price transparency from watch dealers as well as a larger organization. The data which you find at this platform will help you make a better, educated decision.

WatchCharts has several features that make the platform great.

  • Search Engine
  • Price Guide
  • Feedback Tracker
  • Price Alerts
  • Watch Portfolio
  • Bookmark Listing

How to start using WatchCharts?

There is no requirement to register at the platform, but if you do, there are some perks to it. You will be able to set up price alerts on the watches you are searching for, add them to your portfolio to keep track of them as well as join the discussion at the watch forum.

The power of search engine at WatchCharts

Searching for a specific watch just becomes easier using the WatchCharts search engine. All you have to do is to put a watch name or the reference number at the top search bar.

For example, if you are searching for Omega Speedmaster, you will see all the results below.

As you can see from the results, there are several listings found.

You will see four different tabs to choose from.

If you want all the watches listed for sale, you should be using “all” to get a general sense of how many watches are listed online.

If you look and click on the “listings,” you will see watches listed at various platforms. I am sure there are plans to add other platforms in the future to cover even more forums and other watch marketplace platforms.

  • Reddit
  • Watchuseek
  • RolexForum
  • eBay
  • Paneristi
  • Vintage Rolex Forum
WatchCharts The Best Place to Find Watches For Sale

You can either select a specific source, or you can choose all of the platforms.

Each listing will give you essential information.

  • Name of the watch
  • When and where the watch was listed for sale
  • Price
  • Location of the seller (if available)

You can sort the listings by

  • Source (All Forums, Reddit,Watchuseek, RolexForums or eBay)
  • By availability (Unsold, Sold)
  • Price (Any Price, Below $1,000 and other price points)

If you are trying to find the watch you are looking for on eBay, WatchCharts is an excellent tool for it. The search works the same as mentioned above; the only additional option is to select the country where the watch is listed on eBay at such as:USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and others…

When you choose the specific watch, you will see the pictures of the watch for sale as well as the description on it. Also, you will be able to see the seller’s details, which is great because you want to know who you are dealing with. Each seller has a RepCheck available.


1695272606 327 WatchCharts The Best Place to Find Watches For Sale

The power of Repcheck is to have an overview of the reputation of the sellers.

Each RepCheck has much valuable information, as you can see in the picture below, from the total feedback and listings as well as the average transaction.

The feedback shows how much feedback was received and how many were given and whether they were positive or negative.

When it comes to listings, you will be able to see what was the total amount of listings, how many times they been reposted, and how many were sold.

All this information is available at the specific tabs right under the overview pictures.

WatchCharts and Their Price Guide

By having a price guide, you will be able to see the specific watch statistics at WatchCharts.

1695272607 265 WatchCharts The Best Place to Find Watches For Sale
WatchCharts The Best Place to Find Watches For Sale 36

The Price Guide of Watch Charts shows you specific information. Under the overview, you will be able to see.

  • Listing Prices
    • This graph shows the listing prices. The red dot shows the sold and the blue unsold
  • Price Trend
    • The direction and momentum of the watch sold
  • Price Chance
  • Price Distribution
  • Days on Market

By seeing these data at WatchChart’s Price Guide, you will be able to understand the direction of the price for your specific timepiece much better.

My Portfolio

Having your own portfolio of watches, you have tracked the value over time; you will be able to see if you made a smart investment buying that specific timepiece.

If you are looking to purchase another watch, you will be able to add the watch your portfolio as well as set up an alert to be notified when the watch will be available for sale again. You can set a specific price point when you want to get notified by email that the watch has been listed for sale.


WatchCharts is one of the newest watch search engines, but with the progress and vision, it will be one of the most visited watch search engines online. They have many opportunities to add other forums as well as the marketplace to make their platform even more powerful.

The platform should be bookmarked by any watch enthusiast around the world to make use of many great features available such as Price Guide, RepCheck, and others.

WatchCharts The Best Place to Find Watches For Sale

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