What should you do with a hand me down luxury watch

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Have you ever received a hand me down luxury watch? The chances are not high but plausible. There are several possible reasons why you would be the person receiving the watch. Someone from your family wanted to have you that watch or your friend was given the watch but did not feel like keeping it.

What should you do when someone hands you down a luxury watch?

  • Keep It
  • Learn about the watch
  • Find out the value
  • Try to sell it

Why not keep the timepiece when someone gives it to you? When your friend or family member wants you to have this watch, they do not expect you to sell it or pawn it. There might be a more profound meaning of why they are giving you the watch.

Friend of mine was going to give his Cartier watch to his very good friend because he knew that he would appreciate the design as well as the type of the watch. 

When you decide to keep the watch, you will be able to expand or start your watch collection. Why not take advantage of the situation and enjoy the head start of watch collecting.

By keeping the watch, you show that you are thankful for the gift. Just imagine, you give an expensive watcht your best friend, and you thought they would like it, but in the end, they want to know how much it’s worth and possibly sell it. If you knew this beforehand, you might not be as thrilled as you were when you give them the watch.

Learn about the watch

When you get a watch, and you do not know anything about it, you should try to learn more. The first step is to find out what kind of watch you have. If you get a timepiece, with some official paperwork, you will be able to find out fast what watch brand as well as a specific type you owe.

If for any reason, you get the watch with outbox or papers, look upon the case back of the watch. You will be able to tell what is the reference number of the watch. Just take the reference number and search on Google. There is a high chance you will see the picture of your watch. When you know precisely the watch type have a look at some watch forums because they are super helpful. The amount of information is terrific. 

Find out the value

Now that you know what kind of watch you have, you can find out the value of your watch. That does not mean you are going to sell it. It will help you get more familiar with the amount of money you are wearing on your wrist.

You have several options to find out the value of your watch. You can look on eBay or Watchrecon to see how much are the same watches listed for sale. If you see that the watch is listed around $3,000 on eBay as well as watch forums, you can say that the watches currently retail price is around that number. That does not mean people are buying the watch for that much money. That’s something to remember.

However, if you want a more accurate number, do not hesitate to contact us here at the Value Your Watch and we get the current market value to you for free.

What should you do with a hand me down
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Sell the watch

Now that you got a hand me down the watch, but the person who gives it to you said that you could sell it you have some options. But wait, where can I sell it for the most money? You have several options. You can sell it here for without paying commissions on selling, eBay or other watch marketplaces.

Just remember, if you are planning to sell watch online, make sure you will know what you are doing. Here is an article I have written about selling watches online. That might be helpful.

Because you know the value of the watch, you should start listing the watch for that price. I would suggest you no to rush to sell it because you did not have to pay for the watch unless you need the money right now than you should lower the price to make it easier to sell.

This blog post was written by Honza Hroch, the founder of Value Your Watch Marketplace.

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