What You Need To Know Before Buying OMEGA Watches


You will surely come across OMEGA watches in your search if you want to get a quality Swiss wristwatch. OMEGA brand is among the finest as only brands that are dedicated to producing superior quality may earn this merit. Its reputation of designing the best timepieces over the decades has been well deserved and since 2018 all OMEGA watches now come with a 5-year warranty.

Omega watches are among the highest quality

The process of designing pieces of this quality is always rigorous and the process of vetting to ensure the materials are of top quality is also intense thus making sure that each one comes out with great precision and durability.

This brand has always stood for quality ranging from steal bands to sapphire crystals then to timekeeping precision which has the nation’s Institute of Metrology approval to deep water resistance. In order to maintain its standard, the company ensures all components of the OMEGA watches are produced in-country. Generally, it can take over a year for pieces like this to be put together by hand, each crafted by expert watchmakers dutifully and mindfully.

OMEGA brand is the top choice for royalty, athletes, celebrities and other elites and has become one of the most unique brands in the world as a result of its dedication to detail.

Owning an omega is like possessing a piece of history

The company was established in 1894 and first became popular in England. OMEGA watches was adopted by both the British and American militaries as their official timekeepers for certain service branch beginning from 1917.

Furthermore, OMEGA also became the official Olympic timekeeper in 1932. OMEGA watches was also the first to enter the moon. As the official timekeeping device for the NASA, the OMEGA Speedmaster was worn by both Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. This brand is rated among the best in the industry with its rich history.

The Omega name is a nod to its everlasting heritage

Interestingly the last letter of the Greek alphabet is “Omega” and this has a significant meaning. It means that they design the best and no other is coming after them to bring a better design that will make you want to change your watch.

As a backup for its products being the best, the company has given a two-year warranty on manufacturing defects which is more than enough time to detect any problem.

OMEGA watches represent exclusivity

In order to guarantee its customers exclusive fashion piece, OMEGA ensures limited production of each new piece design. For example, there are only five colors of the new Olympic Seamaster collection and a total 2,032 pieces with extra 100 was produced. The year OMEGA watches became the official timekeeper for Olympic was what formed the basis for the selection of the numbers of production. The production date is engraved in each watch.

The brand is often chosen by the elite

OMEGA pieces have also featured in some Hollywood movies and worn by famous persons in addition to being used in the military and government. OMEGA pieces are famous for their precision and style beginning with Kojak to NCIS TO James Bond. The 1995 Pierce Brosnan reboot saw the OMEGA Seamaster replacing the Rolex Seamaster as James Bond’s choice of watch. Many other famous personalities also wore or wear OMEGA watches by choice including President John F. Kennedy, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Prince William, Elvis Presley, Nicole Kidman and Cindy Crawford.

OMEGA watches are ideal for all occasions

OMEGA timepieces are best suited for the professional businessperson as they are high-class items. Most times, these watches are used to show professional ability or as status symbol. All pieces come with class irrespective of the collection and are easily recognized by anyone who has interest in fine watches. Similarly, most of the brand’s wristwatches have been crafted specifically for exploration and sport which is why OMEGA is the best option for people that work very hard and play very hard. In general, the various pieces are suited for:

  • Daily Wear
  • Sports
  • Diving
  • Office Wear
  • Formal Affairs

The brand crafts a wide variety of unique designs

The vast array of OMEGA timepieces give customers more than enough leverage to express personal style.  Each collection and design made is unbelievably unique and each collection contains pieces with diverse finishes and colors. It is interesting to note that there are also magnificent and unique watches for the ladies.


In 1957, the Seamaster 300 was first introduced into the market and was designed only for those who work under water and divers. Also, it is the wristwatch that has earned the trust of James Bond since 1995.


It is debatable that Constellation line is the most classic wristwatch made by the brand. As a result of the trademark issues encountered that lasted till 1956, these watches were originally called Globemasters in the United States. OMEGA’s breakthrough into luxury watchmaking was the arrival of the Constellation collection which played a major role in OMEGA’s history as its precision exceeded all previous records. Devotees to luxury timepieces can easily recognize these pieces and they are best suited for formal events, daily wear or the office.


Moonwatch, Speedmaster and other similar types all makeup the Speedmaster collection. The exciting thing is, each is unique on its own, though they were all as a result of the need to make a watch that is durable and waterproof. Later on, it was modified to suit NASA’s astronauts.


These timepieces come with prestige and elegance. These timepieces are designed to command respect and they vary in different styles to suit those with sophisticated tastes.


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