Who is Eone Time ?


Everyone needs to be able to tell the time, but an ordinary timepiece doesn’t make that possible for everyone. The very word “watch” implies that you need to have the ability to see to know what time it is, but a timepiece brand called Eone is changing that, finally making it possible for the sighted and the blind to tell the time with a single fashionable timepiece.

The name of the Eone brand reflects their commitment to offering timepieces for everyone. Pronounced as “e” and then “one,” the word is a shorthand form of the word “everyone.” Eone was founded to create a universal timepiece that allows blind people to tell the time using touch and sighted people to track the hours visually. Their first timepiece, the Bradley, eliminates the need for the blind to wear speaking watches that can be disruptive and less-than-ideal to use in many settings. In low light conditions, sighted people can benefit from the tactile design of the timepiece as well, as they can simply feel and know the time without having to turn on a backlight.

Eone first launched in July 2013. Wanting to create a timepiece that was accessible and affordable for all people, the company chose to obtain funding for the production of the Bradley watch through Kickstarter. The founders set a modest goal of just $40,000 but managed to raise almost $600,000 with more than 3,800 investors and customers located in 65 different countries. WatchBandit is proud to be an authorized dealer of Eone timepieces. You can shop the collection here.

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