Why do I like to collect luxury watches?


Collecting luxury watches is part of daily life for many men, including me. Just think of it, how many options we have for jewelry compare to women? When you have a vast collection of timepieces at home, you can always feel different when you go for dinner, meet your friend or just going to work.

In this watch blog, I will give you my reasons why I collect watches. You might like or dislike the reasons.

  • Helping people to become watch collectors
  • Investing
  • I like how they make me feel
  • Conversation Starter
  • People think I am rich

Helping people to become watch collectors

When I first started to collect watches, I have noticed that not many of my friends are not familiar with luxury timepieces. I thought it would be a great idea to help them educate on the different type of watches.

By sharing with people and my friends my experience, I have been able to help them to pick the watches, which are an excellent fit for them.

Why do I like to collect luxury watches


Some people tell you, you should not buy a watch for pure investment. Let me ask you this, would you rather buy a watch you like and will be able to enjoy it without losing money with a possibility to make money by having the right watch in your collection? I bet you would love to get your money back plus some.

Yes, like any investment it bears some risk, and you might not choose the right watch to sell for profit, but even if you want the watch which you lost some money on, you were able to experience the timepiece.

Also, you will be walking with cash on your wrist. Anywhere you travel in the world; there is a place you can sell your watch for cash. That does not mean you will get the most money for it compares to selling the watch online. At least you get an option to cash out your watch if you need to.

I like how they make me feel

Every watch is so different. From Grand Seiko, Panerai, Rolex to Audemars Piquet, you get many different feelings which I had no idea they existed before I got in to watch collecting.

When you are wearing all gold watch, you feel the weight and real value. When the gold is going up in value, it makes you feel even better. 

If you are wearing a Titanium watch, you know there is something on your wrist, but you do not know it compares to the same watch which is made of Stainless Steel. One time I have owned Panerai Submersible 24 (Stainless Steel) and 25 ( Titanium). The watches looks precisely the same, just the material the watch is made from are different. 

These days, you can adjust the different straps or bracelet on your watch. Fortunately, the other companies which focus only on straps or bracelets are excellent and sometimes even better than the companies which made the watch. By using other companies who make the straps, you can customize your watches the way which fits your lifestyle and personality. For me, I enjoy NATO straps because it allows me to explore the jungle in Hawaii or go swimming.

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Conversation Starter

When I use to work for an insurance company, it seems like nobody wanted to talk to me. After getting into luxury timepieces, I have become a to-go person to talk to when it comes to watches. When people know that you are the watch collector or can help them buy luxury timepieces, they want to be your friends.

The best part of wearing expensive watches is the way you can start any conversation with people who are wearing some expensive watches. When you see them and compliment their watch, they will not give you a stink eye, but more likely they will thank you and possibly start a conversation with you.

People think I am rich

When you are wearing expensive watches or driving exotic cars, people think you are rich. That’s why so many people like to post pictures on social media with their toys, which might not be even theirs. They just borrowed them or rent them to get the picture.

In our society, people judge books by its cover, which is great for people who want to fake it before they make it. 

For me, when wearing beautiful watches, I get better service in various restaurants, or even while attending multiple events. I am not asking for it, but people are trying to be nicer.

All these reasons why I become watch collector are from my personal experience and why I like it so much. The best part is, when you do not want the watch, you can sell it at the Value Your Watch marketplace where you do no pay sales commissions and keep the most money for yourself.

This watch blog was written by Honza Hroch the founder of Value Your Watch Marketplace.

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