Why This Luxury Watch Marketplace is Unstoppable

Why This Luxury Watch Marketplace is Unstoppable

Luxury watch marketplace is not vast, however year over year more timepieces being sold online in this multibillion-dollar industry. Many enjoy a luxury asset while wearing it on your wrist, you can also profit when you decide to sell it. You might not know, but the watch you have right now can be sold for hard cash. Some pre-owned models command a hefty premium as well!

If you ever wanted to sell a watch, you may have experienced the difficulty of selling the watch due to not many trusted sites. Some online luxury watch marketplaces charge exorbitant sellers fees, and scammers lurk for easy prey. It’s not your fault that you do not feel comfortable selling the watches on those sites.

Why This Luxury Watch Marketplace is Unstoppable
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I was in your shoes once which gave the birth of Value Your Watch Marketplace. I was tired of dealing with high commissions and not enough transparency when dealing with potential buyers.

I knew I could go to a jeweler or Pawn Shop to get cash, but these outfits offer significantly less for your beloved timepieces compared to you trying to sell it on yourself. Imagine you get a thousand dollars more for the watch, no wonder many people are starting to sell their watches on their own.

Value Your Watch was launched November 2018 for anyone seeking help with either buying or selling a timepiece. During this time our marketplace went through many changes.

Why should you join this Luxury watch marketplace?

You might wonder why should you join the marketplace now. I currently buy and sell watches every single day, and I have not found a place where I can have such a robust online watch marketplace for a cost of less than I spend on coffee every single week.

Being able to talk to my customers without being flagged or charge a fee is something I like a lot at Value Your Watch. I want to create a long-lasting relationship with my clients because selling luxury watches is about relationship building, trust and transparency. The people who are willing to pay me before they receive the watch trusting me with their money, and they know what they are getting.

In today’s digital age, there is more money to be spent on luxury watches. It’s a billion-dollar industry, and the secondary market with luxury watches is growing faster than ever. The beauty of this opportunity is that its global. You can ship the watch around the world in a matter of days after receiving the payment. There is even a Watch Trading Academy, which helps you to learn the art of watch trading.

Some luxury watch marketplaces allow you to sell and buy luxury watches, but none offers you this much value.

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You have several options to choose from.

  • Option#1 Do absolutely nothing and keep on selling your watches for much less than real market value.
  • Option #2 Do it yourself and sell watches on Craigslist, eBay and other platforms where you risk being scammed or loose in some cases thousands on fees.
  • Option #3 Join the fast-growing marketplace where you will have full control over selling luxury watches. We help you to market the watches for sale while you are enjoying your time with your family.

Which option it’s going to be?

I firmly believe that Value your Watch marketplace will be the most visited platform in the world due to its forward vision. When you are building something you are passionate about, you do not focus on money but customers.

Being able to help people to sell and buy watches fast without being worried about being scammed is a privilege, and I know that the ten-year plan will create an even better platform than you see today.

Thank you for all the support. Honza Hroch, the founder of Value Your Watch

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