Why You Need To Buy A Luxury Watch And Not Only A Smartwatch


To buy a luxury watch might be a bit more challenging than just buy a smartwatch. There are more things you need to consider before spending thousands of dollars on your new timepiece compare to buying a computer for your wrist.

Do you know that luxury timepiece has many great benefits which a smartwatch will not be able to deliver?

Smartwatch does many amazing things, which helps you make calls, text, or track your health. Smartwatches make your life easier; however, it is an excellent addition to your watch collection.

Why You Need To Buy A Luxury Watch And Not
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Here are the reasons why you need to buy a luxury watch as well

1. They will last for years

If you own a smartwatch, you have to keep on charging it every night and make sure the software is updated as needed

With the luxury watches such as Rolex, Audemar Piquet, or Patek they watch will last for generations. For example, here is Patek’s slogan “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely take care of it for the next generation.” 

The reason luxury watches last for such a long period is the materials used for the watches. The quality of craftsmanship, as well as the precise movements, works so well together. These luxury watches do not have to have any software upgrades; instead, they need a service once a while to keep on running as they should.

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2. It’s an investment

Have you ever heard a story that the smartwatch was worth so much more than the original purchase price?

Luxury watches such as Rolex, Patek, Richard Mille been known to be worth significantly more in the future. Just keep in mind that not all Rolex watches or Pateks will be worth more in the future. However, when you buy Rolex Submariner or Stainless Steel Daytona, there is a significant chance that the watch will be worth more in the future than its worth today. Just look at this article I have written to compare MSRP prices with the current market prices and you can see how much more some Rolex watches are selling on the secondary market.

Keep in mind that during recession some of the timepieces will lose its value and you should be aware of the risk you take. In other words, talk to reputable watch dealers or traders who can educate you.

3. Amazing Craftsmanship

Before I started to collect luxury watches, I had no idea about the fantastic craftsmanship, which makes the watch work the way it does. Yes, I was one of the people who did not know anything about the luxury watch world.

My old watches were a digital one which I do not know if that was a Casio or Seiko and Fossil I used to wear for business meetings. Those been in my yes great watches before I started to learn more about watches from Watch Trading Academy

I have found that there are watches with Manual movements which do not need a battery to power the movement instead there is a weight in the watch which rotates and powers the watch as you move your arm. There are way more complicated movements such as tourbillion. Some of the watches have an open case back where you can see the watch movements. Many OMEGA watches or Audemar Piquet showcase the watch movements, and you can admire the watch craftsmanship.

4. Achievement gift

People who collect luxury watches have many different reasons why they buy them; however, I have friends, who like to reward them self for specific achievements such as promotion, having a child or want to get reminded of another success.

Birth watch, become very popular among people to get is as an achievement watch. It’s called birth watch due the year the watch was manufactured. For example, If you were born in 1985, you will look for the watch which was made in 1985. I am still looking for the right birth watch.

5. A Subtle Display of Wealth

When I purchased my first more expensive luxury watch which is selling above $10,000 I thought that every person I will meet on the street or in the restaurant would notice. The opposite was true. No one cared. 

Even if you are wearing a $30,000 watch, not that many people will notice nor will know what kind of watch you are wearing.

6. It’s networking essential

Men do not have that many jewelers to wear compared to women, and luxury watches are an excellent addition for men’s attire. 

Because of the limited options, watches are very noticeable among people who enjoy watches. It happened to me more than once, when I was at the playing ground, I strike a conversation with another father who was wearing a Breitling watch. We started to talk watches, and now I got another watch friend on the island. 

I had never encountered anyone who did not start talking more about watches when I asked about their timepiece. Watches can be a great conversation starter. 

There are many reasons why you should buy a luxury watch and not the only smartwatch. Each of us will have their reasons to buy a luxury watch; however, the reasons I have mentioned above are one of the most known among people who buy luxury watches.

The blog post was written by Honza Hroch, the founder of Value Your Watch Marketplace.

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