Why you should invest in luxury timepieces?

1695321222 Why you should invest in luxury timepieces

Investing in luxury timepieces won’t be news to anyone that’s a dealer, but the majority of people do not really know the difference between various timepieces, and I feel like it’s a good time to explain some of the very positive aspects of timepieces.

1. High-quality instruments

First and foremost, they are high-quality instruments that, if taken care of properly, will LITERALLY last hundreds of years. This allows them to be family heirlooms passed on for generations. When I saw taken care of, I mean serviced and treated with care.

When your car needs an oil change, do you skip it to save $40? No, you change that oil, so your engine doesn’t catastrophically fail on you.

The same thing applies to your watch. I recently inherited two watches from my late grandfather, which were initially acquired by him in ~1950. They need a light service and will be as good as new almost 70 years later.

And one of these watches has a remarkable history. It was a gift from his friends when he was deployed to fight in the Korean war, and he wore it the entire time of his deployment.

Meanwhile, your AWESOME DESIGNER BRAND watch will be thrown into a trashcan within ten years because it broke and it’s out of warranty, and the cost of replacement is to buy a whole new one.

Why you should invest in luxury timepieces
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2. Reward yourself

Building off of the first point: since they are built to last, an excellent time to add one to your collection is when you hit a specific achievement in your life to commemorate it.

When you got an amazing promotion, or you hit a certain amount in sales with your company or one of my personal favorites: when you have a child.

Why is that last one my favorite?

Recall I mentioned these things last generations. How awesome is it that you get to pass this onto your children when they come of age or hit a milestone in their lives?

3. Fantastic Investment

They are fantastic investments. If you buy a piece correctly, be it from myself or from a respectable dealer, you can be confident that there will be value retention. Certain brands or models will even appreciate through the years. Look at Patek Phillipe and steel Rolex model prices on the secondary market.

They’ve been consistently on the rise for the last few years (even after adjusting for inflation).

Inversely, your $800 Gucci watch will be worth maybe $10 if you ever need to sell it, and I say maybe because no one is going to want to buy it. Seriously. No one.

Finally, they are incredible networking tools. I’ve started many conversations with people when I’m out and about by just complimenting them on their timepiece and vice-versa.

Outside of extremely flashy pieces, they are a silent communicator that you “have your shit together” enough to buy one and have a good taste for the more beautiful things in life, and are therefore worth talking to.

Anthony Sansone wrote the blog post; you can get in touch with him at his store page.


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