Why You Should not wear fake Watches

1695302969 Why You Should not wear fake Watches

Do you have a Fake or Counterfeit watch in your collection? I hope you don’t because it is hurting the watch industry and many people are profiting by selling those watches. I get the part that the real watches are expensive, but they are expensive for a good reason.

Would you drive a Lamborghini with a Toyota engine? Just imagine you are driving right by a mall, and your car looks like the real things, but the sound of the car is a bit off. That’s how you look to people who know how the authentic watch should look alike. Don’t be that person.

The reasons you should not wear fake watches

You will look like a clown.

If you think that the fake watch, gives you that same feeling like the real watch you are mistaken. 

By wearing the fake watch, you might not be noticed by people who do not know about watches, but people who understand watches will spot the fake watch fast. 

I always thought that people would be staring at my expensive watch, but I have noticed very fast that the only people looking at my watch where people who like watches as well I do and sometimes they know more about the watch I wear than me.

Yes, there are some super clones, which are harder to spot if they are real or not, but the only reason they exist is that you buy the fake watches. Stop feeding the counterfeit market.

Throwing money away

One day, my parents gave me a watch, and they said it was such a great deal. I had no idea that the watch was a fake one. This happened a long time ago before I knew about luxury watches. After wearing the watch for a while, the crown felt off and the hands in the watch stopped working. Why would you buy something which does not last and it’s not even close to the quality of the real timepieces.

There are many watches, which holds it’s valued very well or even appreciate the value. You can always contact some of the trusted sellers for their opinion, which watches, might be raizing their values or you should buy.

Real people wear real things

Some people like to fake it till they make it, but really, is it worth it to fake your wealth when you are broke? I know many people who try to portray a different persona, which is not even close to the current stage of their life. 

You do not have to wear the most expensive watch you can buy to be good friend with wealthy people. I have many wealthy friends, and they like to be with me because of my character not because of the expensive watches. 

Yes, having expensive watches helps to start a conversation, or even to get an invite to special events, but I would be careful to show up with the fake watch. Don’t be that guy.

People like people who are like them but not necessarily how expensive is their watch. 

Some of the people who are wearing Patek Philippe, Audemar Piquet or Rolex, they might have been in your shoes before. They know, you are doing your best to build your business, and it takes time to get to a certain level financially. They understand, and they will like you either way because they like your character. Unless they are fakers as well and the circle of your friends is all fakers. Then the issue is much more significant because you are getting associated with the wrong groups of people.

Don’t support the Counterfeit market

By spending money on the counterfeit watches, you are feeding the market and helping them to replicate more watches. It does not matter; it’s just for your collection; you should never buy a fake watch. 

Counterfeiting watches are a huge business, and they are getting better in making watches look like the real things; however, there is no upside for you when you get the watch. In the long run, it will hurt the industry as a whole, and you don’t want to support that industry ever.

Don’t make excuses

After reading my reasons, you probably come up with many excuses and reasonings why its ok do buy fake watches. I am not here to convince you, just letting you know that you are directly supporting that market.

You might think that you are not able to afford the real watch and you might be right. But there are alternatives; you can always buy a less expensive watch and slowly upgrade. Many people would be more than happy to trade you for the watch you might have in your possession. 

Just trade up, trade down, or sell it online and use the money to buy another watch. By experiencing the watch, which is authentic, you will start getting different fellings. If you do not believe me, check the watches for sale and buy one.

By having an authentic watch, you will get a sense of accomplishment, and you will realize very fast that having a genuine watch is much better than having the fake watches. I hope you will do the right thing and support the watch brands around the world.

The blog post was written by Honza Hroch, the founder of Value Your Watch

Why You Should not wear fake Watches

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