William L. 1985 Watches Creates A Smartwatch That Stands Out In Terms Of Design


William L. 1985 watches strive to create a smartwatch that stands out in terms of design. Many smartwatches tend to follow a standard design formula that makes them squared off and ultra modern. While the appeal of a smart watch is evident, not everyone wants an ultra-contemporary daily-wear watch and prefer one that looks like a more traditional timepiece. That’s where the William L. 1985 watches come in. These watches feature smart watch capabilities while still sticking to classic watch designs.

The William L. 1985 watches come with a variety of useful smart functions, including the ability to connect with the smartphone and find it when it is lost. It can also inform you of call notifications so you can act accordingly. Use it like a workout watch and track your movement activity, such as how many steps you take each day. Enjoy the ability for a remote shutter that makes it easy for you to take pictures from a distance. All of these features are wrapped up neatly into one traditional-looking timepiece.

Currently, William L. 1985 watches are being funded on the crowdsourcing website, Kickstarter. This company has, at the time of writing, met $138,187 pledged out of its $111,108 goal, speaking to the excitement of the customers to own this watch. It has 10 days left to go, leaving you plenty of time to make your own pledge for a watch. Pledges start at as little as EUR 99, letting you get a William L. 1985 watch for a low, early bird price.

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