After-Sales Service

After-Sales Service


We provide 7 days of after-sales service for all orders:

Starting with the date you sign for the order or the delivery date provided by the logistics company. You will no longer enjoy after-sales service 7 days after the order is delivered or signed.

Situations that are covered by after-sales service:

Following are some practical examples of what is covered by after-sales service:

Answers: In most cases, we will refund you the products in full.

Answers: In most cases, we will help you track the package at first. If it is determined that the package has been lost, we will refund the full amount for you, or resend another package as your request.

Answers: In most cases, we will refund you the missing products in full.

Situations that are not covered by after-sales service:

For non-quality problems or quality problems without valid evidence, we will not accept returns in any way.

Note: The warehouse department cannot accept any packages that are subject to shipping and customs duties or packages that are returned without negotiation.