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Our company has a dedicated freight forwarder responsible for the transportation of Replica Products.
DHL and UPS are commonly used, and based on the flight at that time, which one is arranged quickly or can be specified by the customer.
We will temporarily adopt two methods
Express delivery: It usually takes about 7-12 days to reach countries in North America and Europe. There is a significant advantage in terms of time.
Another type is our specialized transportation method, which is about 3-5 days slower than the previous one in terms of time, but has higher safety and does not require payment of any tariffs upon arrival.
No one can guarantee 100% security of packages, but the freight forwarders we work with have professional channels to ensure safety. For example, for 100 packages, our customs clearance rate can reach up to 98%
Due to logistics issues, the package was unable to be received by the customer, and the company provides free reshipment.
If you have a dedicated freight forwarder in China, the company can send the products to your freight forwarder in China. If there are any problems during transportation, the company will not be responsible for any reshipment.


Express Delivery


Company Expertise

Time 6-12 days 9-15 days
Safety 98% 99%
Privacy Yes Yes
Official website information Yes After customs clearance, official inquiries
Shipping address security No Yes

Shipping address security:If your package has been detained by customs before, your future packages will be carefully inspected by customs. Our company’s shipping method can effectively protect this.

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