What Replica Products Must Know?

More than 98% of our products in stores are made from animal leathercommonly cowhide or sheepskin. Compared to PU material, it is more wear-resistant or soft.

Replica product cowhide material

01: Natural breathability:

Natural buffalo leather has coarse pores, loose fibers, rough surface with obvious turtle lines and neck wrinkles. It has four major functions, including breathability, heat dissipation, sweat absorption, and moisture resistance, which are unparalleled by other leather products such as cowhide, sheepskin, and pigskin.

02 Health and mite prevention:

Natural cowhide has strong antibacterial properties, and the cowhide mat has been scientifically processed to prevent mold and insect damage; At the same time, the surface of the cowhide mat is flat, not easy to accumulate dirt, and will not cause the breeding of mites, making it particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin.

03: Soft and skin friendly:

Compared with plant fibers such as cotton, hemp, and bamboo, cowhide mat collagen fibers are thick, elastic, and uniform in thickness, soft and comfortable, and undoubtedly have the best skin friendly performance.

04 Durable:

The selected leather mat has good quality and less natural damage. This type of cowhide mat can be used for a long time. As time goes on, the leather mat becomes softer and exudes the unique luster of leather, providing a better touch and a longer service life.

Replica Product sheepskin material

The texture of sheepskin bags is relatively soft, and the surface will have very natural patterns that look very beautiful. Compared with cowhide bags, sheepskin bags are also lighter, thinner, finer, softer, and more natural.

Comparing cowhide bags with sheepskin bags, we will find that sheepskin bags have a more delicate texture, a better hand feel, and natural patterns, while cowhide bags have a very hard and durable texture, with a shiny and gorgeous appearance.

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